• How to Make "Managing Up" work for you

    If you want to see your career soar then you need to know how to manage your boss. So, make your desk Mission Control and reach for the stars by Elizabeth Wakeling, National Chairman EUMA UK for Executive PA magazine

    The idea of ‘MANAGING UP’ is not new; it’s been around for 40 years or more and as a PA you will already be doing some of it, probably without even realising it. Indeed, research suggests that career progression and satisfaction rarely occur if you don’t manage your boss. Some even suggest that the principle duty of all PAs is to have a successful relationship with their boss. If your relationship is successful, it’s much more likely that you’ll achieve your goals and do well in your career. So what exactly do we mean by managing up? In essence, it is a way to develop your career by consciously working for the mutual benefit of yourself and your boss. The concept is based on research by professors John Gabarro and John Kotter which identified the importance of “mutual dependence” in the manager-boss relationship. They argue that, when a subordinate takes the reins in working out how best they and their boss work together, it leads to better outcomes for both sides. In other words, the relationship is based on interdependence, rather than hierarchy. 

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  • What's your Story ?

    Angela Mortimer celebrates 31 years at EUMA and 40 years of Angela Mortimer Plc.

    So many of my friends are celebrating Big Birthdays and it nudged me into remembering that I too have a Big One coming up next year. I shall be celebrating my 40th Birthday – yes really and truly – it will be the 40th year of Angela Mortimer Plc in 2016.

    In 1976 start-ups rarely survived more than five years before running out of money, steam or both. But before getting out the party crackers I want to remember and thank all the colleagues, clients and candidates who have contributed to our ongoing success through four recessions and helped to build our name as one respected and relied upon for its integrity.

    And what a four decades we have all had to survive!  

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    Now for my idea!   Will you also send me your stories, the twists and turns of your careers since you first met with us, to share? Collectively, they could build the Angela Mortimer 40th Birthday Book – a unique record of the female career as witnessed over 40 years – an inspirational read and great fun to share over the coming months. I’ve started counting your letters 10, 20, 30, 40 ……….

    Email me your story at angela.mortimer@angelamortimer.com








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