• International Training Day 2017

    Dear participant,

    A warm welcome to the Spring Council & International Training Day 2017!

    Join more than hundred assistants from over twenty countries for a valuable professional and personal experience. While learning useful lessons from high quality guest speakers, you get the opportunity to network and share thoughts with your peers.

    We’re looking forward to an event as dynamic as its location, which is the city of Antwerp. World-renowned for its port, art history and diamond district, there is plenty to explore outside the conference room as well. The International Training Day takes place at Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, conveniently located across from the railway station.

    Registration has now officially been opened – the countdown is on!

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  • Having a leadership purpose is like knowing that your work counts and that you matter says Julia Schmidt

    A large number of researchers have identified many leadership theories in the last 80 years to help train leaders. One of these topics is the importance of purpose in effective and successful leadership.  Recently, Emma Russell and Chris Underwood published an article in the UK HR Magazine confirming that the common link to all highly effective leaders is a clear sense of purpose.

    In this article, I want to share with you my own process in defining my leadership purpose and hope it will help you improve your effectiveness and create great results.  If you have already received guidance regarding your leadership purpose, I suggest you read this article as a reminder and re-think your current standards.

    A call to action 

    Leadership purpose is not only for executives and managers.  Any assistant, willing to make a difference, has to have a clear understanding of their personal purpose and consequently leadership purpose.  An authentic leadership purpose is connected to personal purpose and values.  They are not merely statements; authentic leadership purposes have to lead to smart goals and actions, and create positive results. They create growth. They are an invitation to action!

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  • Digital Assistants/Artificial Intelligence - future competitors or colleagues?

    By Sofie Koark, Training Officer, EUMA Sweden


    The digital development moves forward with full speed ahead, and administrative professions are one of many that reportedly are threatened in the future when tasks will be automated and digitized. More and more digital assistants like Apple's Siri, Google’s Google Now, Microsoft's Cortana and Facebook’s M enter the market. The digital assistants will of course be much brighter and smarter in time, and it gives rise to new types of jobs when trying to create their characters and customize their communication.
    How should we, as Executive Assistants, relate to this potential threat?


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