• EUMA Annual Conference 2016

  • An exciting journey with a Professional Development Group

    March 18, 2015: Seven Executive Assistants gather at Företagsuniversitetet in Stockholm, somewhat hesitant, but full of expectations and the conversation is shallow and polite.

    November 30, 2015: The same seven Executive Assistants meet at SWECO’s offices in Stockholm, happy to see each other - hugging and kissing cheeks, speaking all at once and the sound level is high.

    Great article on how to grow in your profession, when you share and discuss different cases. 

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  • Competitive Intelligence from an assistant’s perspective

    By Kristina Fagerholm, EUMA Sweden PR Officer

    Do you recognize these headlines?  “How do you handle the digitalization? “6 ways your work will changes in 2016”, “What happens when the Millennials take over?”

    Really good results are when you see the possibilities in the changes that characterize today's working life. Really good results are when you have the ambition to change, improve and refine their work. And really good results are, above all, when you have fun along the way! That is why the Swedish annual conference Expanding Horizons (Vidgade Vyer) chose to have Happy Results as this year's theme.

    During this conference in February 2016, a panel debate about trends in our profession and the fast changing environment we all work in took place. In the panel was Else-Britt Lundgren, Executive Assistant & Office Manager, Eli Lilly Sweden, Sofie Koark, Executive Assistant, Academic Work and Evelina Lycke, Inhouse a recruitment agency.

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  • Six Principals to Successful Assistant-and-Executive One-on-One Meetings

    At the heart of successful business partnership between executive and assistant is great communication

    By Julia Schmidt, Chiara Agnese Azzarello, Claire Grace, Else-Britt Lundgren, Sofie Koark and Angela Parker

    Many Executive and Personal Assistants know the importance of sitting with their executives to help stay informed of current business priorities, agreeing on the agenda and schedule for the week ahead, organising travel arrangements and making the workday more effective. It is about thinking strategically together and clarifying expectations.

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