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Using Social Media to optimize your personal branding

By Jane Barton, EUMA Luxembourg

In order to do so, you need to follow these steps:

1.  Define your objectives
Ask yourself what you are aiming to achieve: your dream job/competence enhancement or perhaps both? Then draw up a list of the most appropriate social media networks, which will enable you to achieve these objectives.

2. Create the best possible profile
Once you have chosen a social media, you can start to define your profile. Of 
course, it must be kept up to date, as this maintains optimal visibility and reduces the risk of becoming less pertinent over time.
From now on, just like in real life, your presentation must always be impeccable in order to create the best impression: first impressions are lasting impressions! Bear in mind, a good photo is vitally important; nowadays appearance is more important 
than ever, which explains why a LinkedIn profile with a good photo attracts seven times more interest than one without.

3. Create and expand your network
There is no point in having thousands of contacts, so start by adding people you actually know. Then you can gradually add more people you meet to expand your network.
If you want to add a further dimension, use the special search tool, for example in LinkedIn, the right criteria will soon lead to a gold mine of suitable contacts!
Keep in regular touch with your network by sending out messages and links to useful information and news items.

4. Set yourself apart
Use relevant posts to position yourself as an expert in your domain. Sharing an article is one thing, but adding intelligent comments really shows your mastery of the subject. In the same way, take part in group discussions to demonstrate your expertise.

5. Study current trends and market developments

If you are looking for a job, LinkedIn can help you to stay up to date about the latest developments on the job market. Which openings are in the pipeline? What are the most sought-after profiles? Which new competencies are most useful?

Today there are no two ways about it: in our hyper-connected society, social networks have become indispensable in the quest to develop an effective personal branding strategy. This is particularly true when looking for a job in the face of heated competition from other candidates. The key to success lies in creating a controlled image of oneself, based on a high quality and accurate web visibility, which emphasizes your strong points and competencies.

Find a brief checklist to help you maintain your LinkedIn profile in the best possible way!