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Why focus on Self Development?

Last year the EUMA theme was Change Management, which is very much related to Self-Development. In this fast-paced world, we need to be even more focused on our own development and take control of it. Nowadays, no one will do it for us. That is why EUMA has chosen the theme for 2016 to be Self Development. I think it is very much related to our attitude to ourselves and how we react to changes. Today you need, more than ever, to be open for new tools and new ways of solving your daily challenges and duties.

How will our profession look in 2020? I really encourage each of us to start to imagine how  digitalization will impact our profession and try to identify which of our tasks will still need the human mind to solve it. One example is managing your boss' calendar. This is a task which can appear to be quite simple and I think that we ourselves are also not attaching the importance to it, which it deserves. We need to make it visible how we manage to prioritize the important meetings against those of lesser importance which, in turn, enhances the efficiency of your manager's day-to-day schedule.  This task of managing the calendar may not be easy for just anyone to do - or would it? This is the kind of question we should try to answer. With the growing popularity of the mobile office, we will be an important culture bearer for the company. You need to step out from your comfort zone to be able to see in what area you need to develop.

The EUMA Training Day within the theme Self-Development – The wheel of personal success in Stockholm Sweden on April 16 had two excellent trainers Laura Belgrado and Peter Andreou.

Now I really look forward to the EUMA conference within theme Self-Development – Working in the eye of the storm in Copenhagen Denmark on October 21 to get more knowledge on how to take control of my development!

Else-Britt Lundgren
European Chairman