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Training Day dinner

La Riva is synonym for a time travelling experience, as the venue guides you deep into Antwerp’s port history. Long time ago, the location was used as a dry and warm shelter for dockworkers. After or in between shifts, they gathered at the formerly nicknamed “rat hole” to collect their wage, soup and tea. The interior of the building has been restored, although the design still mirrors the venue’s past. While sipping your aperitif, check out the mosaic floors and detailed flower figures on the ceiling. A grand stairs leads to the first floor, where several balconies look out over the ground level. As a result, you are seated in a unique setting, which enhances the feeling of togetherness. La Riva is nowadays situated in a trendy and modern area by the water called “’t Eilandje”. A few meters down from the dinner site, you spot the impressive MAS museum, one of the prominent features of Antwerp’s skyline. 

Bus transfers to and from the restaurant will be arranged. 

Please add any dietary requirements or food allergies to your registration.