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Antwerp is a bustling city where no one ever gets bored. Around every corner is something that will excite, surprise, amaze or move you. Selecting what to do and see when you are in town is never easy, but here is the cream of Antwerp’s crop.

Visit Antwerp and book one of the unique pre- and post-training day city excursions organised especially for all EUMA attendees. Antwerp has a lot more to offer!  Check out the page “Also Antwerp”.


Exclusive Diamond Intro

Diamonds are Antwerp’s best friend. If the price of a piece of bling exceeds your budget, a unique visit of the world’s largest diamond district is the next best thing. Stroll through the streets of the Diamond Square Mile, located near the Central railway station. Relatively quiet during weekends, the area is bustling with an exotic mix of nationalities negotiating transactions on weekdays. Enter the Antwerp World Diamond Centre and discover how the city became a world player on the billion dollar market. As a bonus, you get an exclusive peek into a cutting factory and the diamond fair. In between stops, enjoy some window shopping passing by showrooms and exhibitions. One can always dream!


Chocolate in the City

First thing that comes to mind when you think of Belgium? Chocolate it is! If you have a sweet tooth and a hunger to explore the city of Antwerp, the chocolate tour suits you perfectly. Join in on an experience which excites all your senses: feel the vibe of the lively city, see its impressive monuments, listen to its fascinating history and while you’re at it, taste the best chocolate in the world. Become a chocolate expert in no time, diving into its origins, ingredients and tasting methods. If you want to take home some sweet souvenirs, there’s plenty of choice as Antwerp’s street view is coloured with a chocolate shop on nearly every corner. 


City Walk

You can never go wrong with a traditional walking tour, even less so if the city you’re in is Antwerp. Home to Europe’s second largest port and famous painter Peter Paul Rubens, the stories Antwerp has to tell are endless. Take your time exploring the outstanding Central railway station and its world-renowned neighbour, the diamond quarter. The historical heart is located fairly nearby, no chance of missing it thanks to the prominent cathedral’s tower rising above the city. Make sure you don’t forget your camera to capture the picture-perfect central square. From there, it’s only a short walk to the river Scheldt, or the fashion quarter in the south of the city. To complete the experience, stop by one of the quaint coffee shops or alternative eateries. You name it, the diamond of the north has it all. 


Fashion Hunt

Say Antwerp, say fashion. The trendy city has established itself as a fashion hub, hence the large list of designer boutiques and the foundation of an influential fashion school and successful museum. In addition, the most popular shopping street, the so-called Meir, draws loads of shoppers on a daily basis. The fashion aspect mixed with a city walk are the main ingredients of the Fashion Hunt game. The idea: a fashion student has to put together five silhouettes and assigns you as her/his assistant. For each silhouette, you have to hunt down four answers hidden across the city. Put your best fashionable foot forward and add some personal creativity for bonus points. Of course, even if the fashionista in you is nowhere to be found, you’re more than welcome to join in on the fun! 


Antwerp by Bike

Ask any local, and (s)he will attest there’s no better way to discover the magic of Antwerp than by bike. Get into the saddle and cruise along the highlights and hidden gems of the city’s vibrant centre. Combining a relaxed outing with a little bit of exercise, you explore iconic buildings, including Het Steen, the oldest building in Antwerp, and the majestic cathedral. Such monuments breathe the city’s history, while the charming port area, “’t Eilandje”, has been upgraded to one of the trendiest quarters. As the Central railway station has often made it to the top three of most beautiful constructions, no tourist can pass by without snapping a picture or two. En route to the station, you visit the diamond district, a fascinating area which links Antwerp to the widest corners of the world. Pedalling through the city, distances are relatively short – and the fresh breeze through your hair you get for free. 


Antwerp Underground

If you think you’ve seen it all, not so fast! Ready to put on your explorer’s hat and discover Antwerp’s underground scene? The Ruien are former canals and sewers, initially dug out as forts to guard the territory. In between, the natural and man-made waterways provided the city with water and an internal harbour. Gaze at old vaults and bridges which mirror the historic city center above you. Open your eyes and ears to striking facts and curious anecdotes, as the secrets flowing below the surface are ample. Thanks to its alternative concept, the Ruien takes the city experience to a deeper level.  


Antwerp Zoo Backstage

Step out of the role of ordinary visitor and go behind the scenes of the renowned Antwerp Zoo, located next to the equally impressive Central train station. Right in between the station and the park, a service corridor opens its doors to a world that usually remains closed to the public. You wander through operating and quarantine rooms, and take a peek into breeding zones for tarantulas and cockroaches. At the aquarium, all secrets are revealed through a first-hand demonstration of the workings of the equipment. In addition, you get some one-on-one time with the sea lions, sea horses and corals. If it wasn’t on your bucket list already, the zoo’s backstage visit is worth adding.