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Become a EUMA member

Are you interested in becoming a EUMA member?  We are looking forward to welcoming you and invite you to experience the EUMA spirit.

You are eligible to become a FULL member if you 
• work at management or executive level 
• have a minimum of three years’ management support experience 
• have qualified by education in Business Administration, Management, H.R. Management and
  other comparable degrees, training or job experience 
• have a sufficient command of English (written and spoken)

Job titles at management and executive level differ from country to country and can be one of the following (to mention just a few): 

• Management Assistant 
• Executive Assistant 
• Executive Secretary 
• Personal Assistant 
• Office Manager 
• Office Supervisor 
• Senior Administrator 
• PR Assistant 
• Marketing Assistant 

To those who are interested in a professional network encompassing a vast range of business cultures, languages and lifestyles, EUMA can also offer the following types  of membership. Have a look at  : Who can apply for membership?  

Individual Membership application form   - Corporate Membership application form

Which benefits will you enjoy by being a Member ?

  • Have up-to-date information regarding different professional and job-related developments
  • Participate in custom-made training programmes, conferences and workshops
  • Learn about culture and business life in all the member countries
  • ​Be given the platform to develop skills
  • Gain experience in areas usually found outside  your own  employment
  • Meet members with a vast range of business knowledge and lifestyles
  • Share a Europe-wide professional and personal network
  • Have the opportunity for lifelong learning and self-development
  • Build on your CV
  • Be part of a unique European association
  • Take an active part in the recognition of the management assistant profession
  • Be able to participate in cross-border teams