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National Training

National Training

Here you will find information on National Seminars, Training Days and Day workshops, open to members and non-members, and held in the national language unless otherwise stated.

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What's on in 2015... Keep watching out for future events.


**EUMA UK Personal Development Day - November 14th 2015**

Hotel Football, Manchester - 'From Stressed to Strategic - Building PA Resilience'



To stay ahead of the game successful PAs/EAs need:

  • A good understanding of business strategy

  • To be resilient

  • To have some 'get up and go'

  • Inspiration


The day will be divided into four separate sessions designed to provide you with tools, skills and behaviours which wil enable you to increase your personal resilience enabling you to perform effectively and confidently in challenging situations.


In addition to equipping you with practical skills and techniques, the training day will provide a valuable opportunity to network with peers, share experiences and discover strategies for personal success.


If interested please mail membership@uk.euma.org