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Organisation Chart

Organisation chart

European Management Assistants is a non-profit organisation registered in France.
As its Officers are drawn from different member countries, the Association has no permanent "Headquarters" but a Central Secretariat which is currently in The Netherlands.


EUMA Central Secretariat
MOS – Motivation Office Support
P.O.Box 1058
NL 3860 BB Nijkerk
The Netherlands
Tel : + 31 (0) 33 247 34 71
Fax:  +31 (0) 33246 04 70
Email : info@euma.org

The Association is administered by the Council, which is comprised of:

the Association's Officers (European Committee):

  • European Chairman, Deputy European Chairman, European Treasurer, European Public Relations Officer, Association Secretary (who are elected at the European Annual General Meeting)
    together with:
  • three elected representatives from each National Group: National Chairman, National Treasurer, National Public Relations Officer;
  • three Affiliate members representing Employers, three Affiliate members representing Educators;
  • and the Founder.

The Council meets twice a year, in Spring and in Autumn, and the Association's Annual General Meeting is normally held in the Autumn, concurrent with the Council Meeting.

The European Committee is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association. It meets prior to Council meetings and, additionally, twice a year.

At national level, each Group elects its own Committee comprising the National Representatives at the Council, and can elect or co-opt other members as considered necessary for the efficient running of the Group. The National Committees meet on a regular basis throughout the year in their respective countries.