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The development of management support professional’s performance in the workplace is critical to the success of their companies. EUMA's Training & Development (T&D) process has the potential to make a strong positive impact on the performance of its members and their careers.

EUMA is conducting every year a conference and a training day in different European cities. Both are tailor-made to the needs and the development of our members.

Several factors playing a role in the success of a company are beyond the scope of financial statements alone. No matter the size, industry or profitability of a business, organizational culture, management philosophy and business ethics each have a crucial impact on long-term business performance. 

After ‘Change’ in 2015 and ‘Self Development’ in 2016, EUMA will work around ‘Business Ethics’ in 2017. Our role as assistants to the management is crucial, as we execute their decisions.

But do we always agree? Do we have a choice?  Acting in an ethical way is about being able to distinguish “right” from “wrong”. It is about integrity and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. 


                                           B U S I N E S S


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